Ohnue Korean Restaurant

Ohnue Korean Restaurant
Subic bay Freeport Zone



The sisters and other family members successfully provide the uninitiated with an understanding of Korean Flavors and food preperation. Our group sample some traditional dishes including Tuk Bok Ki rice cakes and vegetables in a spicy red sauce, Bul Go Ki sliced tender prime beef marinated in a ginger sauce, Seafood Pa Jun Korean Style potato pancakes with mixed seafood and green onions, along with Chap Chae clear vermicelli noodles served with shredded beef and vegetables in a flavorful sauce.

Every Mean is served with complimentary Ban Chen. This consists of assorted small ride dishes that may include pickled radishes, spicy kim chee, fish cakes, sweet cuttlefish, as well as individual portions of cooked and chilled watercress, bean sprouts, and broccoli. Ban chen is served with meals and is a fun way to get a sense of the unique colors, flavors, and textures of Korean Food.