Jest Camp

Subic bay Freeport Zone
Subic bay Freeport Zone
"Adventurous Survival Camp in Subic Bay"

Jungle-Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is the original, most famous (and toughest) survival school in the Philippines. It got started in the late 1960s when the Americans visited the Subic Bay, Philippines. There, they found a group of indigenous people called Aetas and was curious on how they can survive inside the forest using only their “bolo” (knife). Noting that this would be vital to be able to survive in the upcoming war, they studied the Aetas’ primitive ways.
During the world war, the army who went under training got captured in Vietnam. They were able to escape but were unable to contact for help, so they decided to hide inside the nearby forest. They had to stay there for weeks, and the skills they learned were the only things that kept them alive. When they were finally able to go home, they made it mandatory for everyone to undergo the Jungle Survival Training at Subic, thus Jungle-Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp was born.
Today, JEST Camp is one of the country’s premier Survival Course Providers in the Philippines, offering adventurous souls a chance to uncover their primitive instinct for survival through teaching them indigenous skills with the widest range and most comprehensive survival training courses.

Magaul Bird Park

The only bird park in the world that hosts a half – a – thousand birds show! Don’t miss unique experiences such as Ostrich feeding and hundreds of birds flying over you!

PHP 900 Child PHP 630 Guardian PHP 500 Toddler

JEST Angry Birds Arena

Ever wanted to play the Angry Birds in real life? Try now and have some prizes to win 

PHP 900 Child PHP 630 Guardian PHP 500 Toddler

JEST Hunger Games

Will you Volunteer as Tribute?

Sometimes it happens like that – out of the blue, without warning. Our names or businesses can be drawn from life’s big, round reaping jar at any given moment. We don’t live in Panem and the disasters we face are not called the Hunger Games, but we are still at risk of being thrust into a survival situation very day of our lives.  And, unfortunately,this risk does not stop when we turn eighteen. For a company, we have our own set of Hunger Games. And FAILING at our business, will truly result into hunger. This is why – in JEST Hunger Games, we teach your team to be Career Tributes.

PHP 999 (inclusive of Boodle Fight Lunch)

Sumo Soccer

This is where you follow standard soccer rules except the ones touching your opponent – you can bump to your heart’s content on this one.

PHP 1,200 (inclusive of Boodle Fight Lunch)

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Genevieve Salonga Mamon


Tue 16 Aug 2016
New experience and activity. Great for team building. Informative. It also have a bird park!
Eugene Kim

미군의 군사훈련장

Fri 12 Aug 2016
제스트 캠프는 필리핀 전쟁당시...미군의 정글 적응을 위한...훈련장이었다가..전쟁이 끝나고...밀림에서의 생존체험을 위한...캠프교육장으로 탈바꿈했다...아이들에게 좋은 경험이 될수있는곳이다...