Funtastic Park

Bldg 2070 corregidor highway east ilalin forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
"Funtastic Park, Subic Bay --- Where feel-good moments are made!"

Funtastic Park promotes educational activities for everyone to enjoy.  Every moment of fun activities, both outdoor and indoor will surely give you an enchanted feeling amidst the jungle.

Kids and kids-at-heart will love the place because of its unique activities that are first in Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Everyone would love taking pictures of amazing things and places. 

FUNTASTIC PARK has it all and more!

Funtastic Park is a new Educational Fun Park located at Bldg. 2070 Corregidor Highway, Ilanin Forest, East District, Subic bay Freeport Zone, 2222 

Ames Room

A camera trick of perspective. What it is in this room that can turn you to into a giant or a dwarf? Choose your fantasy height with a friend standing next to you.

RATES : 4 ft above - 290 , 4 ft below 200, 2 ft below - FREE

Science Zone


Enjoy​ some interactive activities in this area and learn a few facts about General Science!​ We make it funky!​

RATES : 4 ft above - 290 , 4 ft below 200, 2 ft below - FREE

​​3D Enchanted Forest Garden

​Interact with nature in this magical walk-through experience. This room is simply awesome​, you'll feel the surroundings growing in you and you, flowing in it!

RATES : 4 ft above - 290 , 4 ft below 200, 2 ft below - FREE

Trick Art

Play-act with artworks as if you are part of every frame. Post your ​amazing-looking​ photos ​in​ ​I​nstagram, ​F​acebook and ​T​witter!

RATES : 4 ft above - 290 , 4 ft below 200, 2 ft below - FREE

Mirror Maze

A challenging adventure for kids and ​the ​kids-at-heart. ​You'll surely have fun figuring your next turn through mirror pathways​. The infinite reflections and corridors will challenge​ your decision-making prowess.

RATES : 4 ft above - 290 , 4 ft below 200, 2 ft below - FREE

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  • Cleanliness 8.3
  • Price 8.3
  • Location 8.0
  • Facilities 9.0
  • Food 7.7
  • Service 8.7

Genevieve Salonga Mamon


Wed 27 Jul 2016
For a certain entrance fee you can already try all of their amenities. They also have other amenities outside the establishment. This is really fun for the whole family, also with friends!
Judy Asuncion


Wed 12 Oct 2016
The facilities are clever! The 3D are just great! Best with your family and friends specially childrens!
Eugene Kim

펀타스틱 파크

Mon 22 Aug 2016
펀타스틱 파크는 SBMA 에서 모롱방면으로 가다보면...볼수있다...3D입체관, 아바타마을, 과학관,매직룸 등 아이들이 좋아할만한 테마들을 많이 가지고있다...