Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino

C.M. Recto Highway,
" A home that reflects the resort’s world-class standards"

Take a moonlit dance and escape for a long weekend. It may be short and sweet, but it’s just the thing that gives you an instant lift. 
This vacation retreat takes full advantage of expansive Arayat mountain view, a lush environment, gardens, path walks, and state-of-the-art water theme park. The villas in Fontana are about as close as you can get to having a vacation in an enchanted garden. A long tree-rimmed drive directs you to the resort’s entrance where a fountain greets visitors with a warm, soulful welcome! Then you’ll see our well-appointed villas which go beyond most modern vacation homes. Our villas are so well integrated in their surroundings -- trellised yellow bells serve as canopy to the villa’s entrance, while individual patios open to manicured lawns where children can play and frolic. 
Enjoy the luxury of two or three bedroom villas within the expanse of Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Park’s 302 hectare property. Complete with amenities, such as central air conditioning, kitchen and dining, tastefully designed interiors – bedrooms and living rooms, bathrooms and a servant’s quarter, each Villa has been molded into a living, beautiful structure – a home that reflects the resort’s world-class standards

Fishing and Boating

Guests can fish in the man-made lagoon surrounded by age-old trees. Boats also available for pleasure...




Fishing rod rental with reel
Php 200.00/hour

Fishing rod rental without reel
Php 150.00/hour

Fish price per kilo
Php 150.00/hour

Charge for cooking (grilled or fried)
Php 100.00/kilo

Boating Rental Services:

15 minutes boat ride 
Php 75.00/person

30 minutes boat ride 

The Big Horn Slide Pool

For older children, teenagers and adults this is the most exciting slide of all, the Big Horn.The Big Horn slide is for the strong of heart and the brave. It features a curving horn where riders lie on an inner tube and slide down. The fun comes from the swaying motion from side to side as you negotiate the twists and turn before splashing into the water! If you have a weak heart the Big Horn may not be for you!

PHP 475/person

Kiddie Pool

New Kiddie Pool. It was designed with smaller children in mind. The Kiddy Pool has 5 small slides where kids can safely and enjoyably slide down and splash into the water. It also has 2 water guns for fun. Apart from the slides the Kiddie Pool features a Water See Saw where children can take turns seesawing up and down. Another feature is a Water Frog Slide where kids can climb in and have fun. There is a Water Clown and two 2 Water Scooters. It's a hit with children!

PHP 475/person

Water Cottage Slide Pool

Water Cottage Slide, and is meant for the enjoyment of older kids and adults alike. The Water Cottage slide consists of 4 slides, with 2 big slides for adults and 2 small slides for kids. It has 4 water guns which guests can use to shoot water at one another harmlessly. A fun feature of the Water Cottage are its 5 water buckets, composed of 2 big buckets and 3 smaller ones. When the bucket is filled with water it automatically tips over and drenches everyone under it. It's Super Fun!

PHP 475/person

Hot Spring and Lagoon Pool

Guests can fish in the man-made lagoon surrounded by age-old trees. Boats also available for pleasure... The lagoon leads to a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a pool bar and the newest attraction Fontana Hot Spring...

PHP 200/person

Pirate Ship

Fill your heart with joy as you play and have fun with your kids at the Pirate Ship pool! It features 6 Aqua thrill kiddie slides and a bucanner water.

PHP 475/person

Water Factory

Showers of fun awaits you at the Mad Scientist Water Factory! Cools and refreshes your body all throughout the day.

PHP 475/person

Lazy River

Feel and experience where you can enjoy swimming with your family and friends in Lazy River, a 500 meters long pool complete with current and a fallen log with showers. Kids of all ages can have fun while enjoying the long, relaxing trip of the Lazy River.

PHP 475/person

Three Giant Aqua Thrill Slides

Get thrilled and feel the excitement at the Thriee Giant Agua Thrill Slides! It features body slide w/ cover, body slides full open and slide with inflatable tube.

PHP 475/person

Wave Pool

Is one of the major attraction inside Fontana Water Park. A world-class Wave Pool that can electronically produce 6 kinds of waves up to 3ft tall! Relax and enjoy in the shallow area or hit the waves every 30 minutes.

PHP 475/person

Room Features

Hotel Services

  • Convention Hall
  • Function Rooms
  • Multi-Function Room
  • Crocodile bar
  • Water Pool
  • Three Giant Aqua Thrill Slides
  • Lazy River
  • Water factory
  • Pirateship
  • Olympic Size Pool
  • Hot Spring and Lagoon Pool
  • Fishing and Boating
  • Sports Center
  • Health and Wellness
  • Cafe Fontana
  • Golden Pavillion
  • Korean Restaurant
  • The Grill
  • Red 8
  • Cake Shop
  • Piano Lounge
  • Palms Bar
  • KTV
  • Happy Family
  • Sunken Bar
  • Complete Mini Bar
  • Hair Dyer, Bathrobes and Slippers
  • Centralized Air-Conditioning
  • LCD TV
  • Electronic Safety Deposit Box
  • Wired / Wi-Fi Access
  • Free Toiletries


  • Cleanliness 8.0
  • Price 8.0
  • Location 8.0
  • Facilities 8.7
  • Food 7.7
  • Service 8.3

Eugene Kim

폰타나 워터파크..

Tue 02 Aug 2016
폰타나 워터파크에는 물놀이로 즐길수있는 모든 시설들이 갖추어져 있습니다....가족단위 또는 연인. 친구 끼리 즐기시기에 알맞습니다...
Judy Asuncion

All in one!

Thu 13 Oct 2016
All in one! It was fun being in here! Great bond with family and friends!
Genevieve Salonga Mamon


Fri 28 Oct 2016
A lot of things to do here! Definitely worth it. Great for family bonding.