Blood Pact Shrine

About Blood Pact Shrine
The Blood Compact Shrine is a simple yet elegant structure. It is made of concrete and is topped with a dome. The monument features a life-sized sculpture of Legazpi and Sikatuna shaking hands. The sculpture is surrounded by a pool of water. The Blood Compact Shrine is a popular tourist destination in Bohol. It is located in a scenic spot along the Tagbilaran East Road. The shrine is open to the public and is free to visit. Here are some other interesting facts about the Blood Compact Shrine:
  • The monument was designed by National Artist Napoleon Abueva.
  • The blood compact was actually performed in a different location, but the Blood Compact Shrine was built in Tagbilaran City because it is the capital of Bohol.
  • The Blood Compact Shrine was inaugurated in 1965, on the 400th anniversary of the blood compact.
  • The Blood Compact Shrine is a symbol of the friendship between the Philippines and Spain.