The Mansion

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The Mansion is a historic building that serves as the official summer residence of Philippine Presidents in Baguio City. Built-in 1908, the building features a mix of traditional Cordilleran and American colonial architecture. The Mansion is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is located on a hill overlooking Baguio City.

The Mansion Baguio has several areas open for public viewing, including the main hall and the presidential museum. The main hall features an impressive chandelier and various paintings and photographs of past Philippine presidents. The presidential museum showcases a collection of memorabilia, including gifts given to the presidents by foreign dignitaries.

One of the Mansion’s most significant events is the annual Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Alumni Homecoming. The event is a chance for PMA graduates to reunite and honor their alma mater.

Visitors to The Mansion Baguio can also explore the surrounding gardens and take a leisurely stroll on the pathways. The gardens are home to various plant species, including pine trees, hydrangeas, and roses, providing a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

Overall, The Mansion Baguio is a must-visit for those interested in Philippine history and architecture. The building’s unique blend of Cordilleran and American colonial styles, as well as its significance as a presidential residence, make it a unique cultural landmark. The surrounding gardens provide a tranquil environment, offering a chance for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Baguio City. The Mansion’s location on a hill provides a stunning panoramic view of the cityscape and surrounding mountains. The Mansion’s beauty and history make it an ideal destination for tourists and locals alike.