Pier One Bar & Grill

Pier One Bar & Grill
Waterfront Rd, Subic Bay Freeport Zone



Pier One Bar and Grill is a bar and restaurant in Subic Bay that offers a wide array of snacks, finger food, fresh seafood, meat, rice meals, desserts and a wide array of drinks on their menu. To make every night more alluring, a live band performs every night to make the night hyper and lively.

This is everyone’s favorite entertainment venue, a great place to spend a night with family and friends. The performing live band plays a wide variety of genres, from old to the most updated songs of today, guests and diners may also request their favorite song or maybe a ballad one and bring their special someone on the center floor, dance in waltz or just party like there is no tomorrow, everyone is welcomed.

“Dinner by the Bay” as diners call it as Pier One Bar and Grill Subic is set near the bay along the long beach area in Moonbay Marina Waterfront Road, the guest feels the chilly breeze and hears the waves coming from the sea. There is also a parking lot and an ATM in the area for customer’s convenience. Most of the foods on their menus are Filipino cuisines but they also offer some international favorites, all made available on a reasonable price.