Aqua Planet

Aqua Loop

Behold, the most extreme ride there is in this planet, the Aqua Loop! Be ready for a jaw- dropping 100-meter free-fall into a heart-stopping 360-degree-loop as the launch flap opens below your feet allowing you to slide down in a standing position.

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Boogie Bay

Get your boards ready for a 1500 square meter deep wave pool for more adventurous swimmers that want to beat the current with its 9-ft depth that is sure to add up to the excitement the wave pool brings!

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Flow Rider

Ride through a simulated high thrill surfing attraction that is designed to allow riders to experience a surfing wave at a controlled environment. It operates through high volume pumps generating a continuous sheet of flowing water. The stationary sheet wave can be similarly ridden like a shaped ocean wave by using a body board or a Flow board. Skill is required to properly ride this attraction and controlling the ride position during a sheet wave drop in will enable a rider to turn, drop and climb on the wave face performing various maneuvers.

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aqua planet hurricane

Wanna know if you can take it on the next level? This attraction is a more extreme version of the Spiral Slides. The four spacious Hurricane slides will give you the best ride of your life! Ride on twists and bends that can either be a slow or a fast course that can be enjoyed on a double raft!

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aqua planet orc lagoon
Orc Lagoon

Water play made extremely fun for kids as they enjoy curved, spiral and juxtaposed slides with an exciting array of sprinklers namely the fig, small turtles, sunny flowers, colorful mushrooms, morning glory and even a friendly alligator. You also may be just as lucky to see the mermaid!

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aqua planet octopus racer
Octopus Racers

Race your way head first through six side by side race track of colorful and vibrant slides beginning with an enclosed loop for a much needed healthy competition with your families and friends!

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Spiral Slide

It takes two to not just tango, but also water fun! Experience a variety of exciting twists, turns and instantaneous fall with varied loops and speeds with a friend through this 4tube slide attraction that has curve spiral turns and crisscrossing slide combination.

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Super Bowl

Experience a whirl of a lifetime as the four-person raft slide, Super Bowl, devours you into its spiral tubes swinging you right to left into a grand splash down!

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Sky Shuttle

What goes up, must come sliding down! Be blasted upward into space with a steep sliding experience leaving you a weightless feeling as you slide back down.

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Scream through the twists and sudden the 45 degree drop of pure adrenaline with your friends as a gigantic funnel take you to the extremes while giving you the thrill of being inside a huge tornado!

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Wave Pool

Plunge into a 3500 sq meter pool that could generate 8-types of gigantic waves situated in front of a 600-inch LED TV to amplify a #wavetasticexperience you’ll never forget!

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Wave Rider

Cruise through a 412-metre current as it takes you to a relaxing tour around the planet. It is the perfect attraction to see Aqua Planet as a whole as it sweeps you around on a single raft. Lazy River, out... Wave River, in!

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Check out the Aqua Planet 360 virtual tour by Panoramictrip and see its beauty from your home. The 360 Virtual Tour showcases its great attractions and extraordinary slides and pools.

Aqua Planet sits on a 10-hectare property inside Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines. It is the country's newest and most modern water theme park, with 38 water slides and attractions suitable for guests of all ages. The first phase of a 122-hectare integrated resort project built in Freeport. It also has facilities to cater to guests with disabilities. Aqua Planet has 8 designated shop & dining areas for those looking for food, beverages, and shopping. Talk about all-in entertainment!

Skip the metro and crowds and experience world-class and exhilarating water rides. Enjoy endless fun and adventure at a water theme park that you have never experienced anywhere else in the Philippines.


 Adult   1,080
 Kids   880
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 Adult   1,280
 Kids   1,080
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