Burnham Park

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Burnham Park is a 32.84-hectare public park located in the heart of Baguio City. It features a man-made Burnham Lake, where visitors can rent paddle boats or swan boats to explore its scenic views. The park also boasts several attractions, such as the Melvin Jones Grandstand, which hosts concerts and events, and the Rose Garden, which showcases over 300 varieties of roses.

The Skating Rink is another popular attraction during the colder months, offering a unique ice-skating experience. Meanwhile, the Children’s Playground provides a fun spot for kids to play and enjoy the outdoors. The park’s Igorot Garden highlights the traditional culture of the Cordillera region’s indigenous peoples.

Aside from these attractions, the park also features a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. Walking and jogging paths wind throughout the park, offering a chance for exercise while taking in the park’s scenic views. The park is also a popular spot for picnics, with plenty of shaded areas and benches to relax and enjoy a meal.

One unique feature is its location in the center of Baguio City. This makes it a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors alike, providing a chance to connect and experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere. On weekends, the park hosts cultural performances, showcasing the region’s music and dance traditions.

Overall, it is a perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing escape from the city or a chance to experience the local culture. Whether you’re strolling through the gardens, exploring the attractions, or simply enjoying a picnic with friends, the landmark has something for everyone.