Zambales and Subic Bay

Zambales and Subic Bay

Investment Haven, Extreme Adventures & Affordable Accommodations

Philippines has been the investment haven of manufacturers, hoteliers and businessmen throughout the years. The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority aims to maintain and secure industrial peace within the vicinity to promote and engage other investors to build up their establishments in the largest military navy station for the United States with its total hectares of 13, 800.60.

One of the top destinations spots in the Philippines that surprises you with outstanding sightseeing spots with breathtaking views, wildlife parks, mind blowing adventures and one of a kind accommodation experience in beachfront resorts, fine and budget hotels that provide top of the line facilities and professional services to make your stay worthwhile, these establishments are ideally located in Zambales, Philippines.

Enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends such as Fly Boarding, Kayak, Jetski and Parasailing. Learn new things and be amazed on how things work with the wonder of nature and be one of the survivors in a jungle environment, there are establishments perfectly located in Zambales that offers nature tripping. Hospitality Industry in Zambales is composed of both modern and budget hotels that aim to provide you a comfortable home away from home in the midst of exploring and enjoying activities and interactions.

For dining options, there are inviting restaurants that serve Italian, Thai, American cuisines and other types of cuisines that will definitely satiate your cravings.

Visit Zambales, Philippines, it’s more fantastic and relaxing!

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Those who seek the wealth of our history and heritage would definitely appreciate a visit to the Magsaysay Ancestral House in Castillejos in the beautiful province of Zambales. The house was owned by the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, the seventh President of the Philippines but is now owned, management and maintained by the local government.

Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano in the Zambales Mountains, located on the tripoint boundary of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, all in Central Luzon on the northern island of Luzon

Hoisted in Subic Bay, the country’s biggest national flag that measures 22 X 44 ft. and stands to a 120 ft. flagpole that holds a very significant symbol in the history of Subic Bay. The 120 ft.

A well-maintained infrastructure built in 1800s for Spanish sailors and for the Filipino to convert into Christianity, San Roque Subic is the only air-conditioned church ideally situated in Subic Bay Freeport Zone within the central business district that makes it accessible for both local and foreign tourists, perfect for simple but elegant wedding. 

Harbor Point is a shopping mall in Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales, Philippines owned by property development firm Ayala Land, Inc., a real estate subsidiary of Ayala Corporation

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