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Hailing from the Mountain Province region, Sagada is a breath of fresh air for travelers exploring the tropical Philippines. Nestled in a valley high above sea level, activities in Sagada include trekking, spelunking, visiting historical sites, and the like. Sagada is the place to be, especially for backpackers awaiting a new kind of adrenalin-pumping escapade. Although a place for the adventurous, hiking Sagada’s trails may be good way to clears one’s mind, so they say. Sagada’s famous hanging coffins, along with all other traditional burial practices, will leave one mystified and thirsty for all things culturally enlightening. Backpacker or not, make sure to visit Sagada. One the most unique places, Sagada shows that the Philippines really does have more to offer other than its beautiful beaches.

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 One of the famous caves in Sagada where spelunking and extreme adventure cave enthusiast are welcome.  Sumaguing Cave is famous for its huge chamber and impressive limestone formations.

Aside from the famous  Banaue Rice terraces in Benguet.  Sagada has its own Rice Terraces the Ankileng and the Balugan Rice Terraces ,the only difference between the two are its formed Banaue Rice Terraces are compiled rocks on each other, while the sagada Rice Terraces are compacted soil.

Sagada’s best attraction in Echo Valley, it is part of their native traditional belief that the higher the coffins are hang, the closer they are to gods.

An Episcopal church, governed by Bishops, founded during early 1900s, and a well known landmark at the town center.

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